Dear Friends:

Normally, thousands of students would be gathering at Rutgers Hillel this month for our Welcome BBQ, Opening Shabbat Dinner, and events to kick-off the new semester.

But nothing about 2020 is normal.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rutgers University is almost entirely virtual this Fall. Only 3% of students are living in campus housing.

But Rutgers Hillel remains committed to the flourishing of Jewish college life, no matter what. Because Hillel isn’t just a place. Hillel is a community and a mission. And we go wherever our students are!

  • Hillel Roadshows will visit students’ home communities in 5 different counties around our state, building personal connections and relationships with our students, while following all health guidelines. Over 100 students attended the first Road Show alone.
  • Social programs and events are both online and outdoors on campus (following all health guidelines ) so that students can interact with their friends and peers, easing the anxiety of pandemic isolation.
  • Inspiring speakers will (virtually) help students learn how to stand against racism and antisemitism.
  • Jewish Learning Fellowship classes have gone virtual with tremendous student response.
  • Birthright recruiting and Israel events have moved online, coupled with individual staff visits to students, while following all health guidelines.
  • Shabbat-in-a-Box packages connect students who have returned to campus, providing all the essentials for Friday night celebrations.
  • Daily outdoor minyans provide a campus spiritual outlet, following all health guidelines.
  • Mental and emotional health counseling is available through a ground-breaking Hillel-University Counseling Center partnership.

But none of this can happen without YOU.

The pandemic has not only affected programming and operations, it has had a catastrophic impact on non-profit fundraising of all kinds.  Your support is essential to ensure that Hillel is there for our students as this crisis has become a new normal.

In this spirit, Rutgers Hillel has launched our #CantStopWontStop Campaign.

Please stand with us by making a gift today.

For over 75 years Hillel has served the Rutgers Jewish community and with your tax-deductible contribution we will survive this Covid-19 Pandemic and ensure that Rutgers is A Great Place to Be Jewish for generations to come.

Because Coronavirus Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Rutgers Hillel!

L’Shanah Tovah,

Andrew Getraer

Executive Director