A Message From Andrew Getraer


Dear Friends:

We hope you are safe and healthy as we all navigate the unchartered waters of this Covid-19 global pandemic.  These are trying times and no one knows what the coming months will bring.

What we do know is that Rutgers Hillel remains committed to our students and to the flourishing of Jewish life on campus, whether physical or virtual. To that end we created RutgersHillel@Home to engage students in so many ways:

  • Mental health and wellness support, vital under normal conditions, now multiplied by the stress of isolation from friends and community.
  • Jewish learning classes and Shabbat services, led by students as well as our Orthodox, Reform and Conservative rabbis.
  • Zoom hang outs. Sometimes you just need to chill with friendly faces.
  • Israel events through our Center for Israel Engagement, including Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) and Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day), and Yom HaShoah.
  • Providing kosher food for Passover and Shabbat for dozens of students still on campus
  • And so much more.

In a normal year, Rutgers Hillel’s operating budget exceeds $2M. But this is not a normal year.

We were forced to postpone the Annual Gala, our largest fundraiser of the year, a loss of $400,000 in revenue. We lost an additional $100,000 in other fundraising, catering and event rental.

We’ve cut operating expenses significantly, including staff furloughs and layoffs. Still, we anticipate a significant shortfall which threatens the basic operations of Hillel.

In this spirit, Rutgers Hillel is launching our “#IfNotNowWhen” Campaign

beginning this week and running through mid-June.

The good news is that we just completed Hillel’s Global Giving Week matching campaign, during which Rutgers Hillel secured $100,000 from loyal stakeholders and supporters. Now, to reach our goal of $250,000, we must raise an additional $150,000 over the next 4-6 weeks to meet our financial obligations for the current fiscal year ending June 30.

This is where we turn to you, our families, alumni, and concerned leaders of the Jewish community. Help us fulfill our obligations to the 6,000+ Jewish students at our State University, the largest Jewish undergraduate population in the country!

For over 75 years Hillel has served generations of Rutgers students; with your tax-deductible contribution we will survive this Covid-19 Pandemic and ensure that Rutgers is A Great Place to Be Jewish for generations to come.

If not now, when?


Andrew Getraer                                                     Bob Kuchner

Executive Director                                                 Board President