Introducing the Rutgers Israel Fellows Program

Rutgers Hillel Center for Israel Engagement (RHCIE) recognizes that relationships are the key to sustain and develop support towards the state of Israel on campus. Therefore, RHCIE created the Rutgers Israel Fellows program to advance the pro-Israel network on campus. Rutgers Israel Fellows (RIF) are Rutgers students that are responsible for creating and sustaining relationships with their peers on campus.Fellows will create unique opportunities for their fellow students to get involved with the Israel community. Fellows are supervised by the RHCIE’s staff. As compensation, Fellows will be provided with scholarships to attend Israel-related programs based on their contribution to the development of the pro-Israel network on campus.


  • To create opportunities for individuals to promote Israel on Rutgers
  • To expand the pro-Israel network on campus
  • To transform run-in conversations[1] into meaningful conversations[2]

Meaningful Conversations and Relationship Building:

  • Each connection to an individual counts as one point. Connecting with a member of a student group board will count as two points. A follow up meeting counts as one point.
  • Rutgers Israel Fellow– In order to reach the Fellow level, a Rutgers student needs to reach 25 points. This individual will receive $250 to invest in Israel-related programs.
  • Rutgers Israel Associate– the senior level of RIF, needs to reach over 40 points. This individual will receive $500 to invest Israel-related programs.
  • Track, manage and update the personal Zionist journey using REACH, an online web tool.


Supervision, Training and Group Experiences:

  • Map your desired outreach together with RHCIE staff
  • Invite members of your network to follow RHCIE on social media tools
  • To meet with the RHCIE’s staff on a regular basis
    • Once any other week during the first semester
    • Once a month during the second semester
  • To attend a training meeting
  • To write one blog post for the RHCIE’s blog
  • To attend one Israel coffee break per month


For more information, contact Diana Diner at


[1] Conversation less than twenty minutes and or with more than four students.

[2] Conversation with up to three students and more than twenty minutes.