Any Rutgers University Student Can Now Get Matzah Ball Soup Brought Directly To Them!

The Matzah Ball Hotline brings the comfort of matzah ball soup from Rutgers Hillel to our students for free. We take care of the shopping, preparation, cooking, packaging, and delivery – all you need to do is heat up your soup, eat, and feel better! The Matzah Ball Hotline is a project funded entirely by donations, and we can only continue to provide this source of joy and healing with the help of our generous supporters.

All recipients receive:
1 quart of frozen *vegan broth.
2  frozen *vegetarian matzah balls.
A plastic spoon and a napkin.

*Allergen & Kashrut Warnings:
Both the broth and the matzah balls were cooked in a Hillel meat pot under the supervision of one of the Rutgers Hillel mashgichim (kosher supervisors).
The matzah balls do have cross-contamination with sesame products.

Matzah Ball Soup Recipients:
We would love your feedback!
How was the soup? The matzah balls? Did delivery go according to plan?

Did you take a #SoupSelfie? We want to see it – upload it here!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ethan Weg, Hillel’s Communications & Logistics Associate at