Life & Legacy

Ensuring a Strong & Vibrant Jewish Community

Each of us has been left a legacy of Jewish values from those who have come before us. Ask yourself…What part of your Jewish life has been influenced most by those blessed memory and/or by the organizations you support now? What part of your Jewish life do you want to ensure for future generations of family, loved ones and the future Jewish community?

By creating a Jewish legacy gift now, you will guarantee funding for your most valued programs and/or institutions indefinitely. Your unrestricted legacy gifts will help to ensure a strong and vibrant Jewish community At Rutgers Hillel for generations to come.

Be part of our Rutgers Hillel Legacy Circle. The Circle acknowledges those who have made a planned gift. Even if you wish to remain anonymous to others, we will recognize your participation accordingly. Please fill out a Letter of Intent for our Rutgers Hillel Endowment Fund.

For more information, please call us at 732-545-2407 or email us at:

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