Art for Israel


Before attending the Artists 4 Israel event myself, I had watched a video clip on youtube. It looked amazing. I was so excited to have a chance to participate myself. As I approached Rutgers Hillel, I was not entirely sure what to expect because everyone was just sitting around.

Once the artists began working on the wall, I was hesitant to paint on my own because they were extremely talented. I was one of the first students given a chance to use the spray paint and I was nervous to do so because I did not want my small art work which was nothing in comparison to theirs to ruin the wall. Yet once I began, I realized there was nothing to worry about, these terrific artists were able to take anything and make it into a master piece. The time flew by, and I had a great time with everyone around us. The event I feel made Rutgers Hillel a positive talk on campus. I have seen and heard many people talking about this activity since the event and I feel proud to have contributed.

From left, Danielle and Ariel

From left, Danielle and Ariel

(Danielle Schlisser 14′)