Passover with Rutgers Hillel

Monday, March 25th 2013 – Tuesday April 2nd 2013


Monday, March 25: First Seder Home Hospitality

Rutgers Hillel is hosting a seder for second night only. If you’re looking for a seder for the first night of Passover, Rabbi Reed can arrange home hospitality for you with a local family.

Tuesday, March 26: Second Seder @ Hillel, 8pm
Come to Rutgers Hillel for a warm, homey, fun Passover Seder!

Wednesday, March 27 – Sunday, March 31: Lunches and Dinners for Intermediate Days of Passover

Hungry? Stop by Rutgers Hillel for a delicious FREE kosher for
Passover lunch any time between 12pm and 2pm, or dinner any time
between 6pm and 8pm each intermediate day of Passover!

Friday, March 29: Special Passover Shabbat Dinner at HILLEL
Shabbat dinner will be at Rutgers Hillel during Passover, and not at Brower Commons Faculty Dining Room.

Sunday, March 31 & Monday, April 1: Special Holiday Dinners at Hillel, 8pm
Holiday dinners will be at Rutgers Hillel for the last 2 nights of the holiday.


Wishing you and your whole family a happy, healthy Passover holiday!

Passover photo2