Greg Yellin Sweet Surprise

Greg Yellin in action


When Rutgers Hillel Engagement Associate Greg Yellin picked up the baked goods for Shabbat, he returned with more than just sweets. “As I waited to check out with the sheet cake and cookies, the man behind me commented on all the desserts I had and asked if I was hosting a big party. I explained that I work for Rutgers Hillel, and this was dessert for the 300 students for the first Shabbat dinner of the semester. As I began to pay, he said, ‘No, let me.’ I told him he didn’t have to, but he insisted. After I thanked him many times, I asked for his name and he told me it didn’t matter. Instead he said, ‘I put three sons through college (Muhlenberg and Tufts, not Rutgers); they were all involved in Hillel, so it’s the least I can do for you guys.’”

As Rutgers Hillel Executive Director Andrew Getraer remarked, “Every day Hillel impacts so many people, so many families, directly and indirectly. This was a special reminder that we are all interconnected, and that Hillel impacts lives.”