Moving out of the dorms can be an anxiety inducing process. From looking for a home or apartment to acclimating to off campus life, it has not been the easiest thing to accomplish at Rutgers University over the past few years.

But there is good news! If you are Jewish and are worried that living off-campus might takeaway some of your devotion to Hashem like I was, don’t be. Luckily for students at Rutgers,there is a Hillel at 70 College Avenue. This place will be your safe haven! Your home away from home.

At Hillel, there is a very large community of people just like you who enter our doors on a daily basis to learn Torah, eat delicious kosher meals, and even study for classes in the library. You can expect an amazing and spiritual davening in the Beit Midrash for Shacharit, Mincha, and of course, Maarriv. One of the best things about Hillel is the amazing Shabbat dinners on Friday night. Feel free to say Kiddush and break bread on some yummy Challah. You will be surrounded by delicious food and amazing people.

The Hillel is managed by executive director Andrew Getraer. Andrew is a man who deserves nothing but high praise. He has been working at Hillel in Rutgers for 18 years and has done an excellent job at building and preserving the amazing reputation it has. The other Hillel staff are also extremely kind and will make you feel at home the second you walk through the front door.

Beyond Rutgers, one thing to look into at Hillel are the trips to Israel that they offer. If you have not been on an organized trip to Israel, you can sign up through the Hillel to go on Birthright. Birthright is an all-inclusive trip that pays for you to visit the land we all yearn for. On the trip, you will meet new friends, see new places, and experience what it is to be a Jew in whole new light. And if you’ve already done a gap year in Israel, Hillel’s Center for Israel Engagement will help you find other ways to get back to our homeland. 

So, do not fret If you are going to live off-campus. Because no matter where you are, there is a Hillel close by to remind you how special it is to be Jewish. And that’s not all- luckily, there is a new software for students,, that allows you to seamlessly find Rutgers off campus housing to live in in the New Brunswick and Piscataway areas. If you need any help finding a place to live off campus don’t hesitate to check them out online or give them a call!