Rutgers Hillel Russian-Jewish Club United for Israel

By Jonathan Levin ’13


Jonathan Levin ’13

As the president and founder of the Rutgers Hillel Russian-Jewish Club, I think one of the key uniting features of many of my members is our support for the state of Israel. With that in mind, my work with the Rutgers Hillel Center for Israel Engagement (RHCIE) has given me a platform from which to engage students in on-campus initiatives at Rutgers. Such events as the widely successful Israel Rally, an event to show the Rutgers community’s support of Israel’s right to exist peacefully in the Middle East, really validate to members the connection that Russian-Jews have to Israel itself.

In my time working with the RHCIE, I think one of the great things is seeing the diverse community of Jewish students come together to show their support for a cause they really believe in. Going forward in the future, I hope that my work with the RHCIE will continue to push for Israeli awareness on campus and engage more students through advocacy programs.