Rutgers Hillel, A Shelter From The Storm

When Hurricane Sandy struck last week, many in the Northeast were left struggling. Andrew Getraer, Executive Director at Rutgers University Hillel, shares the story of how his community came together.

Rutgers Hillel is Jersey Strong

“Most of the university was blacked out; classes were cancelled for the week and many students left campus. Numerous dorms were evacuated, and many students slept on the floor of the other dorms. On Wednesday night, we ran a last-minute dinner and 150 students turned out on 90 minutes’ notice. As word got out, in addition to our Rutgers students, students from NYU and elsewhere came, since they were sleeping on friends’ floors. Personally, we had no power, heat, hot water, internet or phone since Monday. My wife and kids evacuated to Massachusetts, and I stayed behind to work with our students at Hillel. We are their home away from home.”