Donate NowRutgers Student Government Member on Visiting Israel for the First Time

Oren second from the right

Ian first from the right

After visiting Israel for the first time this past winter on Birthright, I wanted to give back and advocate for the country that I immediately fell in love with. I thought visiting Hillel would be a good place to start. Rutgers Hillel Center for Israel Engagement (RHCIE) provided me with several different opportunities to spread pro-Israel vibes across campus.

Soon after my visit, I was appointed to the executive board of Rutgers Israel Public Affairs Committee. The organization operates under the supervision of RHCIE. In RIPAC, we focus on advocating for Israel through the American political process. We work with elected officials, candidates, and student leaders on campus to develop positive Pro-Israel relationships.

Personally, I have used my membership in the Rutgers Student Government to unanimously pass a symbolic resolution calling for peace in the Middle East. In the upcoming semester I hope to set up lobbying days for members of RIPAC to go and talk to their Congressmen and Congresswomen about stronger American-Israeli relations.

(By Ian Wolf)